Facility Tours Episode No.1:  Dr. Norm’s

Welcome back, Atrium family! 💚🍃 Today we take you behind the scenes as we peek into the secret recipes behind the trendsetting edibles company, Dr. Norms!🪄🍪 Founder and visionary Roberta Wilson gave us an inside look at the munchie magic being made in their Los Angeles production center. 

As many of you may already know, Dr. Norm's combines the comforting taste of home-baked cookies with the soothing benefits of cannabis. But what sets them apart, and how have they crafted a place for themselves in the bustling world of cannabis edibles? Grab a Dr. Norm's brownie, sit back, and let's unravel this together.

A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

In homage to their parents, Roberta and her brother Jeff brought their scrumptious family legacy business to the cannabis scene in 2016. Their father, Norm, was an old-school M.D. here in SoCal who went above and beyond for his patients. Their wonderful mother Audrey loved baking her famous chocolate chip cookies and inspiring joy in others. To honor their memories, the once comical idea of infusing their mother’s recipes with cannabis became a dream and then a reality.

Every single cookie, crispy, and crunchy manufactured by Dr. Norms are precision dosed and made using only the very best ingredients. The  facility’s kitchen is maximized for efficiency, and decorating a wall above the racks of fresh cookies is a white and green sign proudly displaying, “DR. NORM’S: QUALITY IS #1”. One look at their operations can confirm!

A Recipe For Success: The Methodology

In the kitchen, an assembly line with different stages for cannabinoid measurement, butter or coconut oil infusion, ingredient preparation, exact weight and size verification, and final creation allow Dr. Norm’s to produce up to 200 Crispy Rice Bars every 15 minutes! Freshness is key for the team at Dr. Norms, which is why they then quickly freeze all of their edibles for the entire (short) time they are in storage at the facility. 

Few companies match the quality of Dr. Norm’s award winning cookies, brownies, and marshmallow confections. In an industry flooded with options, you can be sure that when you bite into Dr. Norm’s, you are tasting cannabis excellence.

Drifting Into the Sleep Space

Dr. Norm's isn't just sitting on its laurels either! As per her recent interview, Roberta Wilson unveiled the company's strategic move into the CBN wellness space. Recognizing her own need for sleep solutions as well as CBN's potential health benefits, Dr. Norm's Nano Sleep Gummies and Sleep Well All-In-One Vape products are now in stores!

This slumber-specific product line has something for everyone looking for a good night’s rest. The fast-acting gummies pack 10mg THC and 5mg CBN per piece, delivering you to dream land quicker than most. The 1g  vape is ready, rechargeable, and loaded with cannabinoids like Delta9 THC, CBN, CBG, and CBD for an even faster fall and longer time asleep.

A Bite Into the Future

So, what’s the magic ingredient in Dr. Norm's strategic recipe? A rich family tradition coupled with a commitment to quality, consistency, and forward-thinking. This brand understands the importance of bridging the past and the future, of balancing enjoyment and wellness, and of ensuring transparency in an industry that can sometimes leave consumers in the dark.

Check out the link to the full video and see how inspiration, dedication, and one heck of a recipe gave us California’s best kush cookie!