Yummi Karma | Empower Women - Period Relief Tinctures

Yummi Karma offers a range of THC and CBD tinctures, topicals, and concentrates. The brand has gained wide recognition for its high dose tinctures that focus on flavor and potency [3].

Recently, the company launched a new CBD campaign called "Empower Women" aimed at providing relief from period cramps [2]. Yummi Karma's broad-spectrum CBD tinctures are THC-rich and can help relieve the pain associated with period cramps. These tinctures are designed to deliver quick and effective relief without any psychoactive effects.

The "Empower Women" campaign is a part of the brand's ongoing efforts to provide women with natural alternatives to manage menstrual symptoms [2].

The campaign encourages women to prioritize their self-care and take control of their menstrual health by trying Yummi Karma's CBD tinctures. Donate a box of tampons or pads and get a period relief tincture.

Yummi Karma is a sister-owned cannabis manufacturer that has disrupted the market with its unique approach to providing natural and effective relief to women makes it a popular choice among consumers.

If you're looking for a natural way to manage period cramps, Yummi Karma's THC-rich CBD tinctures may be worth a try.