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At Amplified Farms, we cultivate some of the highest grade indoor cannabis flower on the market. Through decades of experience, we focus on hard hitting exotic and old school strains that we love to grow and love to smoke.  

We are serious about “For Stoners, By Stoners”. Our cannabis is for those who really love flower, grown by a team that really loves flower. We are industry leaders, growing killer products with all the characteristics you’d expect from top shelf cannabis – tasty flavor, a great nose, frosty buds and higher than average THC levels with incredible terpene profiles.

We use the latest technology and equipment to produce the best product we can, so you can get Amplified. Our commitment to providing excellent cannabis doesn’t stop in the garden. After harvest, all flower is cured to perfection before hand trimming, and then buds are hand selected for packaging. We ensure that every step along the way is Amplified, from professional and reliable delivery to unparalleled end user experience. 


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