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Cypress was built on decades of cannabis cultivation and genetic expertise. Grown and processed locally in Monterey County, we are committed to our heritage and history as farmers and cultivators. We take pride in our approach to the art of cultivation, sustainability, and the evolution of unique strains to provide top quality flower to our community. With a state-of-the-art cultivation facility with complete control over every aspect of the growing process, Cypress is the embodiment of beauty, aromatics, and artistry.

In our Monterey County greenhouses, there is a palpable feeling of pride and passion – it’s as if the people and plants have formed an unbreakable bond, with the latter taking every direction from the former and both sides recognizing the potential of what’s blossoming under the lights.

If that interpretation sounds overly dramatic, it’s just a side effect of decades of experience with that plant. Grown and processed in our massive facility – recently expanded to 29 active flower rooms spread across 185,000 square feet – and derived from an extensive bank of unique genetics, Cypress flower is the embodiment of beauty, aromatics, and artistry.


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