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1. “Know Your Dose”.

We want to change the perception of edibles in the cannabis space by promoting our mantra, “Know Your Dose”!  Our commitment to delivering delectable, bite-sized, reliable and consistently dosed products allows our patients to learn what dosage is perfect for them - insuring an optimal experience with our products every time. Education is key.

2. “Taste the Cookie, not the Cannabis”!

We strive to make products with as little weed taste as possible.This can only be achieved by using the purest and finest distilled THC extract. This costs us more, but because our mission is to make only delicious products, we feel that it is more than worth the expense.

We honor the legacy of our dad, the original Dr. Norm by caring about the well-being of our patients.

We imbue his healing powers, personable and caring ways and great sense of humor in all that we do. As Dr. Norm did, we treat people like family!


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