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Cannabis Is a Journey We Take Together

LEVEL is a science-driven cannabis company at the forefront of cannabinoid research and innovation that is passionate about helping to guide humans with the information and products they need to make informed decisions and take action. We launched LEVEL with one goal in mind: to create unique, targeted effects-based cannabis products by formulating cannabinoids in ratios not accessible from the plant alone.

Better Than an Edible

LEVEL products are formulated from 100% cannabis-only cannabinoids, terpenoids, and flavonoids, maintaining the maximum fidelity of the cannabis plant. There are no superfluous ingredients. LEVEL products are vegan, contain no gluten or sugar, and are calorie free.

LEVEL’s unique formulations mean that the majority of the delta-9 THC in our tablets does not metabolize into 11-hydroxy-THC. Instead, it remains true to the fidelity of a delta-9 THC experience (similar to a classic high).

Consumers experience an authentic, clean, functional high that maximizes the targeted effects and therapeutic benefits.


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