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About Us

At the heart of Potters Cannabis Co. is Casey Potter, a visionary deeply anchored in the realm of care and wellness. Before the inception of Potters, Casey helmed Synergy Homecare of San Diego, a nursing home where he was confronted daily with the challenges of holistic pain management. Witnessing the potential of medical marijuana as a natural remedy, he was drawn to the budding world of cannabis vapes. Yet, the market offerings were far from perfect - inconsistent dosages, lack of full-spectrum properties, and a glaring absence of transparency.

Enter Jacob Bell, an NFL player with firsthand knowledge of the physical demands of collision sports. Together, with Jacob's insights into athletes' needs and Casey's expertise in pain management and senior care, they forged a partnership. Their shared vision? To create a cannabis brand that was not only premium in quality but also rooted in genuine care and transparency.

Thus, Potters Cannabis Co. was born in January 2017. More than just a brand, it's a testament to the duo's commitment to providing the cannabis community with products crafted with heart, precision, and a deep understanding of the diverse needs of its users. Dive into the world of Potters and discover the difference of a brand built on compassion and innovation.