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Tough Mama sounds scary, but she just likes to do things properly.

Fed up with the boring, bland and over-priced cannabis, Tough Mama decided to put the fun back in to getting baked. She’s raised a family of pre-rolls and vape carts that are as strong as a silverback, and as tasty as Mama’s home cooking! In today’s world of molly-coddling, Tough Mama tells it how it is. Her infused pre-rolls are as good as ‘luxury’ products sold for twice the price.

Let’s be honest, Tough Mama is not for everyone. Not everyone has the courage to start, or the heart to finish. For those who dare – the fearless few – they are rewarded with the feeling of being wrapped in Tough Mamas hairy arms! But, if you’re looking for someone to hold your hand, wipe your butt, and listen to you whine about your problems, you’ve come to the wrong mama.

If you want to get properly baked and have some serious fun, welcome to the family!



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