CONGRATULATIONS to our winners

Emerald Cup 2023 Winners

The Winners Circle: Celebrating Excellence in Cannabis

CBX Ranked #3 Indoor Flower

#3. Cannabiotix– French Alps. #7. Cannabiotix– Blue Flame OG. #11. Cannabiotix– The Silk.

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Jetty Extracts Ranked #4 Concentrate

#4. Jetty Extracts– Gas Man Solventless Cartridge.

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Jetty Extracts

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Jetty Unrefined Live Resin Carts B1G1Jetty Unrefined Live Resin Carts B1G1
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pure beauty Ranked #17

#17. Pure Beauty– Spritzer.

Not Just a Competition: A Celebration of Cannabis Culture

But the Emerald Cup is more than just a competition. It's a snapshot of where we are in the cannabis world - a testament to the creativity, passion, and skill of the industry.

It's also a sneak peek into where we're headed, showcasing innovative products and pioneering cultivators shaping the future of cannabis.

For those looking to buy the best products, the Emerald Cup serves as a compass, pointing towards quality, integrity, and the brands that walk the talk.

Cheers to the Winners: Elevating the Cannabis Game

So, hats off to our 2023 Emerald Cup winners! Each one of you is a testament to the incredible strides we've made in the cannabis industry.

To our dear readers, whether you're a seasoned stoner or a green newbie, remember that the Emerald Cup isn't just about the winners; it's about celebrating the entire cannabis community.

Stay tuned, stay enlightened, and as always, stay high on life (and good cannabis)! Until next time, my friends!