100mg LR Gummies Buddies 2:1 Sunrise Tangie


Relaxation, Mental Clarity







Enjoy the perfect harmony of THC and CBD with Buddies' 2:1 Sunrise Tangie LR Gummies. These gummies feature a tangy citrus flavor and offer a ratio of 2 parts THC to 1 part CBD, providing a balanced experience of relaxation and mental clarity. With 100mg of cannabinoids per package.

Buddies is dedicated to crafting cannabis-infused products that cater to various preferences and needs, ensuring a harmonious blend of THC and CBD in each gummy for a balanced experience.

- Promotes relaxation and stress relief (THC) Enhances mental clarity and focus (CBD) - Offers a harmonious balance of relaxation and mental clarity

Opt for Buddies' 2:1 Sunrise Tangie LR Gummies for their balanced THC to CBD ratio and tangy citrus flavor, providing relaxation and mental clarity in a harmonious gummy experience.