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1g Vape Cart Alien Lab - Lemon Fuel OG Live


Uplifting and energizing, suitable for enhancing creativity or focus.




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Alien Labs

The Alien Labs Lemon Fuel OG Live 1G Vape Cart offers a superior vaping experience with the refreshing and robust flavors of the Lemon Fuel OG strain. Known for its potent effects and vibrant, citrus aroma, Lemon Fuel OG is an indica-dominant hybrid that provides a powerful and relaxing experience, making it ideal for evening use.

Alien Lab excels in producing distinct and potent vape carts, with Lemon Fuel OG Live being a prime example of their craftsmanship.

Lemon Fuel OG is celebrated for its uplifting effects and tangy lemon flavor, ideal for daytime use.

For those looking for an energetic and flavorful vape, Lemon Fuel OG Live provides an excellent lift.