3.5g JAM Flower - Grandi Guava (3.5)


Relaxation, Euphoria, Happiness Uplifted mood - Sleep






JAM Cannabis Goods

Dive into the enticing aroma and relaxing effects of Grandi Guava with this 3.5g JAM Flower package. This indica-dominant strain offers a blend of fruity flavors and soothing sensations, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

JAM Flower takes pride in cultivating premium cannabis flower, with Grandi Guava being no exception. Each batch is carefully grown and harvested to ensure top-quality buds packed with potent cannabinoids and terpenes.

- Grandi Guava is an indica-dominant strain known for its calming and sedating effects. It can ease tension and promote sleep, making it ideal for evening use.

Choose Grandi Guava for a tranquil and flavorful experience that melts away stress and tension, promoting deep relaxation and a sense of well-being.