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1g Exotics Vape Plug n Play - Apple Slushie


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Exotics Apple Slushie 1g Vape, crafted by Plug N Play, delivers a premium vaping experience with the crisp and refreshing flavors of the Apple Slushie strain. This hybrid strain is known for its invigorating apple aroma and balanced effects, making it a top choice for those seeking both relaxation and a revitalizing boost.

Exotics Vape is recognized for its innovative extraction techniques and flavor profiles, offering a fresh and enjoyable vaping experience.

Apple Slushie is applauded for its energizing effects and ability to boost creativity, making it an excellent choice for users seeking inspiration or a refreshing change of pace.

Select Apple Slushie for a crisp and invigorating vaping experience, showcasing Exotics Vape's commitment to flavor innovation and quality satisfaction.